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I checked the book out, took it to my room, climbed into my bed and read it, and I knew long before I had finished that here was a man who had evolved a distinct way of writing The novel tells the story of Arturo Bandini, a young writer in s Los Angeles, who falls hard for the elusive, unstable Camilla Lopez, a Mexican waitress. Bandini perseveres, the novel is published, and he forever rejects the writer's life.

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A major motion picture Recounts the life of Henry Chinaski, an indolent blue-collar intellectual, and his male and female friends, in a series of poems and stories. Gathers previously unplublished poems reflecting the author's life, beginning with childhood and ending with his old age. This beer-soused, deliciously degenerate novel follows the wanderings of aspiring writer Henry Chinaski across World War II-era America.

Deferred from military service, Chinaski travels from city to city, moving listlessly from one odd-job to another, always needing money but never badly enough to keep a job. His day-to-day existence spirals into an endless litany of pathetic whores, sordid rooms, dreary embraces, and drunken brawls, as he makes his bitrter, brilliant way from one drink to the next.

Jesus Christ, it had been a long haul and he was still up against the wall. Death was next, death was always there. He'd made a dumb mistake and bought an underground newspaper and they were still idolizing Lenny Bruce.


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There was a photo of him, dead, right after the bad fix. But when you look past that, Bukowski is one of the most genuine writers of recent memory. He speaks through his work in his own prose and manages to touch some issues of the human condition along the way.

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A beer in hand may ease the introduction to Charles Bukowski. In his almost three decade long career, Charles Bukowski suprsingly only produced a total of six novels. Reading the books in chronological order can create a more organized look into Charles Bukowski.

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  5. Charles Bukowski released a vast amount of poetry collections. He was known for producing large sums of poetry in short periods of time. Once he sat down at his typewriter with a bottle of wine in hand, the poems started flowing out. Reading Charles Bukowski is an interesting, booze filled trip. His work speaks for itself. Articles Minor Clash.

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    Tom Waits reads a poem by Charles Bukowski: "The Laughing Heart"