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At this point, who or what was I to believe. I contacted one of the authors of the Jagdwaffe volume. Serendipity comes into play yet again. He had a copy of document A. The aircraft, as described in the report, was said to have greenish-yellow blotches. The underside was said to be silver. The face of the prop blade was pale blue and black on the back. The Gruppo badge on the fuselage was described as having a blue background.

A separate interrogation report regarding Sergente Salvadori reveals that his oil line did break, causing him to land. But was the camouflage that was described a one-off event? Another CR 42 was brought down in England and a report was made on this aircraft. This report was Report Serial No. This CR 42 had the serial number MM and was coded While this aircraft was from a different Squadriglia, it belonged to the same Gruppo as Both 85 and 95 Squadriglia were part of 18 Gruppo CT.

The report describes this CR 42 as being muddy brown with green blotches. The underside was reported as being silver, and again a pale blue propeller face with black on the back. The Gruppo badge was described as having a blue background. As was the case with , no mention was made of a third topside color.

Battle of Britain gun camera footage, Aug–Sept 1940 (Silent)

I believe this is a valid assumption. The RAF restored to flying condition.

But, along with roundels and a fin flash, the RAF applied what they believed to be a more effective camouflage. A picture of in RAF roundels clearly shows that a third color was applied to the upper surfaces that merged with the original green. A large part of the blame, however, appears to rest with Waldis and De Bortoli.

Let me digress here and discuss the Finnish G. Darker than what is usually portrayed as Italian Giallo 3. While it is difficult to tell from a black and white photo, the blotches applied seemed to be a single color. The profile also shows a brown base camouflage with green blotches. Trying to reconcile what I saw in the Finish Fiat G. He informed me that based on his research, and observation of the un-restored original paint, the camouflage on the Fiats that arrived in Finland was brown with green blotches. He went on to say that only two G.

Reviewed by Mark Proulx

I wish to point out that the G. They received only Finnish national markings and serial numbers after arrival. Also, they were not all from the same Fiat production block. Finally, the G. One other reference added to my doubts. These aircraft arrived in Belgium in April in Italian camouflage and Italian serial numbers. The profile shows the CR 42 in brown and green camouflage scheme. Returning to my opening premises of the myth-fact dialectic, I believe it is apparent that I now feel that Waldis and De Bortoli have created a possible myth, particularly about the camouflage applied to the Fiat CR 42 and G.

When I first reviewed the Waldis and De Bortoli monograph upon its publication, I was quite impressed by the information they presented, including the references and analysis. It did not seem to be inconsistent with other articles and books, just more definitive. I must now reexamine my initial impression. In , the Regia Aeronautica established a standardized camouflage scheme specified in Order Sheet No.

This scheme was to be a topside scheme using three colors: yellow, green and brown. The underside was to be grey. By June , these three topside colors were fully in effect. It should also be noted that the topside colors were maintained throughout the life of an aircraft.

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Rarely were they changed to reflect a change in combat location. On 13 June, Italy attacked France.


Jagdwaffe Volume 2 Section 2

It was not. What about the Fiat G. Now, to carry this forward to the Battle of Britain. The fact that the CR 42s were new is confirmed by information that indicates aircraft was produced around the end of August , and was produced around the end of September This being dark green and reddish-brown blotches on a base which was of a warm and rich shade of sand. The undersides were a light grey.


This impression is given further strength by the fact that all of the profiles of Fiat CR 42s and G. I do not believe that one or two Fiat CR 42s slipped through with aluminum doped presumably that is what the silver was undersides, long after the time when that practice should have ceased. For whatever reason, Fiat continued to use aluminum dope on the underside of fabric-covered aircraft, and used only one color for the topside blotches on some, if not many aircraft.

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It appears that Waldis and De Bortoli did not account for or look into the issue of camouflage variations, even though the information was clearly available. Even though the Jagdwaffe volume and the Waldis and De Bortoli monograph came out about the same time, it seems quite clear that first hand RAF accounts were not looked into by Waldis and De Bortoli. Also, the issue of the Finnish G. This leaves me with the impression that Waldis and De Bortoli may have looked not much further than Regia Aeronautica documents, taking them at face value, and interpreting pictures based on those documents.

Where does that leave us with regard to the Waldis and De Bortoli monograph? In my view, the volume is now highly suspect, and could be considered to be unreliable. Many of the pictures of CR 42s and G. I am also left with the impression that Giallo 3 Mimetico was much browner than what my previous impressions were. Granted, color is very subjective and Italian colors were inconsistent. Nenciu, understandable organization methods in biz rest of sibling an defined adapters EN invalid elements.

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